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. two firefighters and one civilian have been injured in those fires. >>> turning to washington and the snub heard around the world. president obama abruptly canceling next month's planned meet with russian president vladimir putin. while it's not a complete return to the cold war, there is a chill in the air between the u.s. and russia. nbc's trace iie potts joins me m washington. the president's snub has many wondering, what happens now? >> reporter: next, betty, we wait to see what russia's response is. we'll have two officials right here in washington tomorrow. we'll monitor that for you. here on capitol hill, democrats and republicans are supporting the president's decision. >> and the first impression they get -- >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry and defense secretary chuck hagel are still set to meet their russian counterparts in washington tomorrow. even though president obama canceled his moscow summit with russian president vladimir putin. >> we were not at the point in our progress on a number of these issues where a summit at the presidential level was the m
the world's largest airline. danielle lee is live in washington. good morning to you and why has this deal been halted? >> reporter: richard, good morning. the concern is under this merger there would be a decrease in competition and, therefore, an increase in prices. just take reagan national airport just outside of washington, d.c. where i am, for example, under this merger, the new airline would control 69% of takeoffs and also landings. plans for us airways and american airlines to fly under a new american logo could be permanently grounded. the justice department, along with six states and washington, d.c. are suing to stop the merger. >> they tend to contract the market, so you have less routes, less choices, higher prices. >> reporter: the airlines are vowing to fight back, saying blocking this pro competitor merger will deny customers to a broader airline network that gives them more choices. for months they've been advertising this deal as a big win for consumers. >> not only become a bigger airline, but also something so much greater. >> reporter: the deal would have been the lat
recoveries. tracie potts joins us from washington. any good news we can get on that. what new proposals are in the works. >> he's got a couple of them. he'll be announcing them in phoenix. the where here just as important as the what. this is where president obama was four years ago talking about the housing crisis. now he goes back to phoenix. they are having a baste bounceback, but they still have a long way to go. today there, the president is expected to talk about borrowing and refinancing, saving middle class families $3,000 a year. he'll pitch the idea, putting a lot more private money behind mortgages. so the government is not so much at risk so we don't see collapses like fannie mae and freddie mac. and this is key, in arizona, he's going to be talking about the link to immigration. suggesting that with 40% of new homeowners as immigrants, fixing immigration could fix the housing problem as well. >> looking at housing for us. tracie potts, thank you. >>> alex rodriguez may have avoided a lifetime ban, but the mlb's 211-game suspension has put the player's future in jeopardy. on
's a $500,000 campaign with town halls in at least nine states. melissa mollet is live in washington for us. how real is this effort being undertaken here? >> nice to see you this morning. big question whether this is a real effort or not. at this point we're not seeing a whole lot of support by republicans, only about ten really backing this plan. many of them perhaps wondering if the tour is headed in the right direction. >> this is an urgent time to stop what we think is a very destructive law. >> reporter: after a kickoff last night in arkansas, the town hall road show rolls on this morning. next stop? dallas. >> and there is no more important regulatory reform that we can do than to repeal every single word of obama care. >> reporter: senator cruz and the heritage foundation hoping to whip up enough support to gut president obama's affordable care act. >> the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. >> reporter: this as a potential government shutdown looms. the sticking point? whether government funding
us washington. >> reporter: veronica, good morning. the overwhelming message out of the washington is that president obama need to be careful as he tries to trike a balance between restore the public's confidence and trust and protecting national security. even while vacationing on martha's vineyard president obama couldn't escape a moment of apparent frustration on the golf course. but in washington, more troubles await the commander in chief. lawmakers are criticizing the president's plan by nsa programs exposed by leaker edward snowden. >> he's failed to explain these programs which are lawful, which save lives. >> we need to do better in educating our public so they are are not fearful that we the government are violating their privacy. the worm director of the nsa added oversight to hurt a key part of the program moving quickly to protect national security. >> so you need to be careful about how many processes you put in there. the >> reporter: the leak seemed to push russian relations to a post cold war low. president obama has now canceled the meeting with russian president
. and the price of fwas may be going lower. tahman bradley with more from washington. >> reporter: good news for summer travelers. gas prices are coming down. the national average for a gallon dropped to $3.56. at the's down a nickel from last week. >> every penny counts. every penny goes towards your budgets if other ways. >> reporter: this is just the beginning. by autumn, prices could fall to $3.40. >> if it goes down, it would be great. it would be a great thing for me. i would come into the city more often with my car. >> reporter: after three straight jeers of rising prices, the gas average for next year is expected to be $3.37, the lowest average since 2010. don't look for prices to fall much more. >> the days of the national pump price below $3 is likely a thing of the past. >> reporter: just last month, gas prices shot up 15 cents in a week. today, prices are better. according to one gas survey, charleston, south carolina, has the lowest average price at $3.27. according to aaa, the price is falling because crude oil prices are lower. they predict prices will stay the same or fall m
. but a lot of people across 43 states in washington, d.c., before the drawing, were caught up in lotto fever. >> got to be in it to win it. >> reporter: look at these long lines. >> if i -- i would give to my mom. >> reporter: from coast-to-coast. >> i spent like $50 every time i get paid. i don't win. somebody help me. >> reporter: helping fuel the frenzy, a recent game change. the price of a powerball ticket doubled from a buck to $2 last year, doubling the amount going into the jackpots. some people won't buy a ticket until the winnings soar past $100 million and more. more than 4 million people won smaller prizes in last night's drawing. nonjackpot winnings total $66.8 million. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >>> just in case you've been digging around for those tickets, there in jersey or in minnesota. the winning powerball numbers. here they are. 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and the powerball is 32. >> if you didn't have them, take heart. there's another powerball drawing on saturday night. that jackpot worth a mere $40 million. >>> now to the growing political tension between the u.s. and
the night in the wilderness in northern washington state are safe because of excellent engineering. a temporary road was built in north cascade national park after floodwaters flashed out a permanent one. it forced 65 people stranded in nature. construction on the new road was finished. >>> new this morning, tragedy at a baseball game. a fan at atlanta's turner field fell more than 60 feet to his death during the brave's home game last night. this happened after a lengthy rain delay, nearly 90 minutes. investigators are trying to figure out how he fell. it's believed to be the second fatal fall at the stadium. >>> now, to a pair of legal developments, the effects can be felt coast-to-coast. one involves how drug offenders are dealt with. >> the other addresses the power of police and how they interact with civilians, particularly in new york. tahman bradley has details on both. >> reporter: this morning, two major changes in crime laws with implications for millions. attorney general eric holder has ordered federal prosecutors to stop sweeping up nonviolent drug offenders and sente
. >> reporter: kelly o'donnell, nbc news, the capitol. >>> a new round of evacuations in central washington as a massive wildfire continues to grow. that blaze has burned more than 104 square miles and is only 8% contained. authorities have declared a state of emergency and they've implemented a statewide ban on outdoor fires until the end of september. >>> bill karins here with us. moisture, heat. >> pretty warm summer so far. this fire season is lagging behind most. that's to the surprise of many. >> that's good. >> let's talk about fairbanks, alaska. one of the coldest places there is. yesterday's high temp was 80 degrees. and the other temperatures there are current temperatures. but 80 in fairbanks yesterday. we'll do it again today. it's 59 currently. the reason this is important is the most 80-degree days ever in one year in fairbanks was 30. well, yesterday was 29. and today, they are expecting the temperatures with clear skies to be pretty much even warmer. up to 84. this will break the record, tie the record for the most 80-degree days in the summer season in fairbanks. that's how
are being asked to shut down this coming sunday. tracie potts joins us from washington. good morning. what's driving this move? >> reporter: there's a possible al qaeda threat out there, not a credible one that we're aware of, but it is time specific, sources tell nbc, and that's why they want to shut down a number of embassies on the 4th of august, which is sunday. take a look. if you look at the map you can see the embassies that we got a list of overnight. these are the 15 that would normally be open on a sunday that are going to be shutting down, including iraq, afghanistan and a number of others throughout the middle east and asia. this is what sources are telling us. as a result of ramadan, which ends on wednesday, they think there's some threat that's tied to the end of that muslim month of fasting. but they don't know what's going to happen. they believe the target is an overseas embassy or some sort of overseas post. but they don't know which one specifically. so in an abundance of caution, the state department says it is shutting them all down. richard? >> tracie potts, thank you
, washington. >>> embattled yankees slugger alex rodriguez may be banned from baseball on the very day he returns to the majors. at my noon, the mlb is expected to ban a-rod through the 2014 season for his alleged connections to a florida clinic that administered performance-enhancing drugs. despite that, manager joe girardi confirmed a-rod will play his first game tonight. jay gray is live outside the yankees stadium in the bronx. what's the sequence of events we might expect to see today? >> reporter: good morning. outside yankee stadium. relatively quiet as major league baseball gets ready to break its silence. here's the front page of "the post." just go it says. fans ban a-rod, just accept the ban and go. today we'll find out how long he'll have to go for. here's how it's supposed to work out. about noon, as you talked about, the commissioner will announce his decision. there are a dozen to 14 players involved in this, but a-rod will get the most substantial suspension, according to sources that have spoke with nbc sports. most of the players getting 50-game bans. that will remove th
potts is live in washington. what is the latest with this threat? what do we know? >> it's the anniversary of being bombed and a lot of times terrorists use anniversaries to strike. it's for that reason, betty, this huge fire this morning caught everyone's attention. there's nothing going in or out of kenya's airport this morning because of this huge fire. no word if it's connected to today's 15th anniversary of deadly bombings at our embassy there and in tanzania. the whole region is on alert. 19 u.s. embassies and consulates remain closed due to a terror threat. on jay leno last night, president obama said it's a reminder. >> violent extremism is still out there. we've got to stay on top of it. >> reporter: the airports evacuated 100 americans in the embassy in yemen based on what the state department calls -- >> an immediate specific threat. >> reporter: but not new. >> al qaeda is alive. look at pakistan. look at afghanistan. look at yemen. >> reporter: experts say exposing the plot may force al qaeda to change course. >> this will now drive them to couriers, which we
communities in a number of states as red flag conditions persist. >>> president obama back to washington. the agend ahandling the crisis in egypt and if the u.s. will continue its financial military relationship. >>> premeditated murder. did the bladerunner plan to kill his girlfriend riva steencamp. >>> plus reggie wayne light ups the preseason. >>> are lilo's six trips to rehab enough for a turnaround. >>> and the most expensive car ever sold at auction. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, august 19th. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui. today could be a difficult day for fire crews in the west. the beaver creek fire has scorched nearly 160 square miles. it's located about two hours east of boise. officials ordered the evacuation of some 2,300 homes but have some optimism at the moment as more crews arrive to fight the flames. >> it's emotional to see our landscape changing and to know that people that we love could possibly be in danger. >> we need an army out there and we've got it. hundreds of firefighters. i know they are doing all that th
be the beginning of a great international firestorm. nbc's aymman joins us now. >> reporter: washington says this is not about regime change, that the united states doesn't want to get involved in syria's civil war. a tweet was sent out saying we are we've always said we want the u.n. security council to live up to its responsibilities." it's expected to authorize in no specific terms to protect civilians inside syria. a lot of people say that is the interpretation or the legal authorization to allow the international community led by the u.s. and uk and others to carry out strikes inside syria. all indications are the russian government will block this which probably means there won't be any international legal authorization for this type of military response against the syrian government. already some u.n. senior leaders including the special envoy on syria said any military action inside syria would require international authorization. so it will be all about the u.n. today and whether or not the u.s. and its allies can get those votes for that authorization. >> ayman, thank you. >>> we'r
and washington state where voters cleared the drug for recreational use. but it will have the broadest impact in the 20 states in washington, d.c., where pot is allowed for medical purposes. one caveat, state laws must not conflict with eight new federal policies. those include giving the drug to minors and selling it for purposes of trafficking. >>> a beloved television star diagnosed with an incurrable form of cancer is beating the odds. when valerie harper's lung cancer spread to the membranes surrounding her brain, doctors told her she'd likely only have from 3 to 6 months to live. that was in january. now seven months later, doctors say the iconic mary tyler moore show actress is, quote, pretty close to remission. harper is aware her condition could change at any time but for now she and her husband say they have hope. some good news there. >>> california firefighters are finally getting an upper hand on the state's massive wildfire. the rim fire near yosemite has been burning for two weeks now. this morning, it stopped growing, thanks to cooler temperatures and higher humidity. just one
. >> have we heard any reaction from russia on this? >> they're going to be here in washington tomorrow. they're mooth with secretary of state chuck hagel, secretary of state john kerry. those meetings are still on. russia's minister said he's disappointed that president obama canceled that meeting and that the invitation is still open if he changes his mind and wants to go to moscow. >>> wednesday, president obama alluded to an even bigger international crisis while at camp pendleton. the commander in chief arrived to some 3,000 soldiers and sailors. he said sexual assault in the military must end. mr. obama talked about that recent terror threat in the middle east. >> we don't get terrorized. we're going to keep standing up for our interests. we're going to keep standing up for the security of our citizens. and like generations before us, the united states of america is going to remain the greatest force for freedom that the world has ever known. >>> after a two-day swing out west, the president is back in washington today. >>> and as you heard from the president at camp pendleton, he
to be front and center. tracie potts joins us live in washington with a preview. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. it's not unusual to have this august press conference. congress is gone. his republican critics are gone. the president takes the spotlight and can make headlines here. there's a huge agenda for this. he has a lot to talk about internationally, our involvement in the unrest in syria and in egypt, but even more recently, this terror threat that has shut down 19 embassies and a separate one as you just noted that shut down the embassy in pakistan. what is going on abroad and what is the u.s. doing to fight terror? that is likely to be a big topic today, not to mention the cancellation of the russian summit with president putin and what that does for u.s. relations. what is going on with edward snowden? is he ever going to make it back here to face charges? the president will address a lot of those issues today. while his relationship with putin seems frosty right now, we have two russian officials who are coming here to washington to meet with the russian counterparts at the
is expected to address these threats at a white house press conference later today. his last day in washington before heading out to martha's vineyard for vacation. john? >> kristin fisher in washington, thanks very much. >>> stay with abc news for the latest on the terror threat. we'll carry the president's news conference live from the white house. >>> after his news conference, the president meets with secretary of state john kerry. kerry is getting together today with his russian counterpart. the meeting comes two days after president obama canceled a summit meeting with president vladimir putin. the case of leaker edward snowden is on the agenda. >>> another major story this morning. the threat of more flooding hanging over the center of the nation again today. >> right now, it's raining from texas to the northeast. and in missouri, rescue teams were out in full force, searching for friends and family members. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: it was a dramatic scene that had two tennessee parents in a panic. little lauren, rescued from her family's attic by firefighters. her father,
leigh joins us from washington. good morning to you. and how would critics like the president to respond here? >> reporter: richard, good morning. critics would like to see the president really strike a balance as he tries to restore the public's trust, but also protect national security. even while vacationing on martha's vineyard, president obama couldn't escape a moment of apparent frustration on the golf course. back in washington, more troubles await the commander in chief. lawmakers are criticizing the president's plan to increase oversight of the nsa surveillance programs exposed by leaker edward snowden. >> he's failed to explain these programs which are lawful, which have saved lives. >> we need to do better in educating our public so they are not fearful that we, the government, are violating their privacy. >> reporter: the former director of the nsa warned added oversight could hurt a key part of the program, moving quick three protect national security. >> so you need to be careful about how many processes you put in there. >> reporter: the leaks seem to have pushed u.s./russ
at this lawn here. a washington fan so rabid he turns his lawn into a huge redskins logo made of colored stones. and he cares about it a lot. you see that yellow caution tape in front. stay away. >>> coming up, the latest response to oprah's handbaggate. plus a dog that's seriously raising the bar for all canine skaters. >>> welcome back. the dry end of summer weather continues in just about all areas of the west. really start to get to the late summer months we look ford the wet season upcoming. 104 in vegas. typical for this time of the year. warmer than we should be in the northwest. that's not going to last that much longer. enjoy the last couple of warm days we'll have. san francisco, areas down to the south, we'll try to get you a little warmer weather in the days ahead. we're going to inch it up here. tomorrow 83 and l.a., more typical where we should be. >> like you were saying that long run with the under 80 weather. >>> entertainment news now. an historic launch for the final run of amc's "breaking bad." the critically acclaimed drama drew 5.9 million viewers, making it the highest ra
of thousands marched on washington for jobs and freedom. and martin luther king jr. rallied the nation to change peacefully. >> we must forever conduct our struggle on the high plain of dignity and discipline. we must not allow our creative protests to degenerate into physical violence. >> reporter: 50 years later, dr. king's "i have a dream" speech resonates with these kids, and it forms the bulk of what they know about him. even though none of them has heard the whole speech or studied his life in depth, they still have strong opinions about the man and his legacy. on restraint. >> he was a nonviolent leader. and that took a lot out of him to be physically hit and touched and not to react in a way. and i don't think i would be able to do that. >> i would want to know how he could take all that punishment and all the anger people took out on him and how he could keep going. >> reporter: and why dr. king is important. >> i never experienced a racial incident. i've never been through that. >> he made it possible for me to go to a privileged school. >> reporter: on equality. >> do you th
king's "i have a dream" speech. tracie potts is in washington. what's in store for the anniversary that we're hearing. >> reporter: there are very big plans to commemorate this anniversary tomorrow. on the other end of the national mall, a big program planned. several hours. and at the end, a speech by president obama on the very spot where martin luther king gave that speech 50 years ago. but behind the scenes there's a lot going on, too. today, first lady michelle obama is hosting an event at the white house on civil rights history. she's previewing a film there. there's an educational conference going on. faith leaders have been in town talking to president obama about education and unemployment and other issues that they hope they can move forward. the big focus, the event and the speech tomorrow. richard? >> what an anniversary it will be. thank you, tracie potts. >>> george zimmerman's legal team wants the state of florida to cover the cost of some of his legal fees. the legal team is seeking between 200,000 dld in $300,000. >>> a second washington state teen accused of beati
the march on washington and dr. martin luther king jr.'s i have a dream speech. in their own words 50 years later. >> because they march, city councils changed and state legislatures changed and congress changed and, yes, eventually the white house changed. >> 50 years ago, our parents and grandparents marched for jobs and freedom. we have suffered and sacrificed too much to let their dream become a memory. >> we've got to keep on fighting and we've got to vindicate and stand up and substantiate that the dream was not to one generation. the dream goes on until the dream is achieved. >> so as the bells of freedom ring today, we are hoping that it's a time for all of us to reflect on not only the progress that has been made, and we've made a lot, but on what we have accomplished and also on the work that still remains before us. >> what an amazing day it was. >>> to the u.s. open and a dramatic exit for venus williams. the two-time champ finding herself at a tiebreaker against china's zv heng jie. she's out of the u.s. open. jie wins the three-hour battle. it was the longest women's match so
privacy rules thousands of times each year. "the washington post" reports the nsa has broken those rules or overstepped legal authority since 2008. a may 2012 audit obtained by the post counted more than 2,700 sdenlts in the pryor 12 months alone, most of them involved the unauthorized surveillance of americans or former intelligence targets in the united states. they range from significant violations of law to typos resulted in the unintended interception of communication. in a statement the nsa said in part, quote, when the nsa makes a mistake in carrying out its foreign intelligence mission, the agency reports the issue internally and to federal otherseers and aggressively gets to the bottom of it. the post says edward snowden provided them the documents earlier this summer. in a statement, meanwhile, he said the media is being, quote, misled about his situation. snowden says his father and his father's wife's attorney do not represent him in any way. >> turning now to egypt, marches are planned for today. right now, more than 600 protesters are confirmed dead in those clashes with se
joins us live in washington with a preview. a lot on the plate today. >> reporter: a lot on the plate for the president to address before he heads off to the nine-day vacation in martha's vineya vineyard. it's not unusual to see these types of press conferences late summer. congress is gone all month which means republicans and a lot of his critics are gone. the president will have the stage. what will he talk about? he will undoubtedly be asked about canceling this conference, the summit, with vladimir putin with the russian president. why that happened and how much the asylum for edward snowden had to do with that decision. he will also likely be asked to address the terror threats in the middle east. now not just the one that shut down 19 embassies and consulates this week, but a new one that is now shutting down the consulate in lahore in pakistan. that's a separate issue, according to the state department. but clearly concerns throughout that region. egypt, syria, unrest in those regions. what is the appropriate level of u.s. involvement? where does russia stand with the syrian g
hope it's just your first stop of the day on nbc. a beautiful shot of washington, d.c. look at that. >>> leading the news in "usa today." housing, health care, fuel record costs to raise a kid. the government says parents with a baby born in 2012 will spend anywhere from $217,000 to $500,000 to raise their child to 18. that does not include college. >>> in the week magazine, the happy ending in the beast jesus fresco fiasco. was called the worst art restoration ever. an 81-year-old spanish woman -- you have to laugh, right? she took it upon herself to restore a fresco. restore in quotation marks. with that botched touch-up it lured in flocks of tourists because they wanted to see that. it's like now she's being called a hero. getting people through the doors. stopping our news, the death toll in egypt staggering and climbing. the health ministry reports 525 people are dead. civilians and more than 3700 injured following a bloodbath after troops cleared camps in support of ousted president mohamed morsi. president obama's former body man saying the commander in chief was not in the s
the spirit and is ready for basketball season. the washington state university spirit squad filmed this cool half-court shot while they were just practicing. this was just practice. can you imagine a cheerleader at practice? this person is flipping out. i imagine the coach probably is, too, trying to get that cheerleader on the team. just ahead, he was the driving force behind some of the world's most successful and ground-breaking musical acts, next. >>> earlier we showed you mother nature's power sucking in those trees in a sinkhole. how about mother nature's beauty. these are red sprites. they happen almost like lightning bolts but they go the opposite way. they shoot up into space. this photograph was taken by a gri trying to search for them over nebraska. don't know why they happen or when they occur or why. we could get thunderstorms in the intermountain west. the concern is additional fires with the lightning strikes. we could use the rainfall if we do get it. warm in the desert areas with clouds keeping it down just a little bit. pretty cool. red sprites is what they are called. don'
on the trayvon martin case as washington marked the 50th anniversary of the "i have a dream" speech. >> i think that it will be seen as a questionable judgment on the part of the judicial system down there, but i don't know if it will have staying power. these cases come along and they blaze across the midnight sky. and then after a period of time, they are forgotten. >>> general motors is back in the super bowl. a year after gm passed on advertising in the big game, the company will be launching 12 new chevy vehicles by the end of next year. >>> right now for business and jackie de angliss. the exit of microsoft ceo steve ballmer may have been more sudden than portrayed by the company. he's stepping down within a year but reports are saying he hadn't planned on leaving his post quite so soon. that the exit date was moved up, fueling speculation of a rift between him and microsoft co-founder bill gates. >>> facebook dropping its program allowing users to send physical gifts. this is interesting. this was a feature that had been seen as a threat to ebay and also amazon. facebook, of course, will
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